Angel's World

Angel's World

The Angel's World is Dokuro's home. Not much is known about The Angel's World because it hasn't been thoroughly examined in the anime.

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The Angel's World seems to be some kind of a utopia-like place. It is, of course, up in the sky, sitting on a cloud, and out of reach of the humans. Interaction with the human world seems to be held at a minimum. In the opening, there seems to be a large building in the middle of the world, perhaps being some kind of 'city hall', with long stairs leading up to the door. Skyscraper-like buildings are also seen, mostly behind the 'city hall'.

Rurutie Edit

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One of the most notable organizations in The Angel's World is the Angels of the Martial Law Council, also known as Rurutie.

Known Angels Edit

The following known angels live in The Angel's World.

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Another term for the Angel's World may also be "Heaven", the mortal term for the supposed dwelling place of God and His angels in several religions. The Angel's World, however, was never addressed as Heaven in the series, and such a name for the place may be incorrect.